Small Business Websites in Cedar City

“Owning a small business in Southern Utah has shown me that in order for brick and mortar stores to survive in the coming years, they must have an online aspect to their business.”

My goal is to develop high quality websites at a low cost for businesses in Cedar City and Southern Utah to help local icons and new icons stay around more many years to come.

Who I Am:

My name is Jacob Passey, founder of Gem Web Design.  I started this small web design company in 2018 after seeing the effect a website can make on a small business.  My parents have run a successful local business for over 30 years.  In 1988 they founded Gem Awards which has since become one of Cedar City’s icons as far as local businesses are concerned.

As I started to take on more responsibilities at Gem Awards I soon realized we were in dire need of a way to increase our overall revenues.  It was then I new that we needed to tap into the global market through launching a full-scale eCommerce website.

A year later and we’ve began shipping products all over the nation and have helped stabilize our bottom line.

My Vision & Goal:

By using the knowledge I’ve learned from successfully building and scaling a large eCommerce website, I hope to help other local Cedar City Businesses to increase their leads, sales or clientele by helping them gain visibility online.  I believe it will be absolutely critical for your local business to have an online presence in the coming years and I want to help you develop and maintain a great quality website at a very affordable price.

The $50 Website Package:

In order to achieve my goal of helping all small businesses in Southern Utah have the means to obtain a website, I created the extremely affordable $50.00 website package.  With this deal there are no astronomical design fees, or hosting fees.  Based on a flat fee system you only pay $50 per month with absolutely no additional design or registration fees.  Besides this, it is hassle free and I take care of all annual domain registration fees and renewals.  I also pay for the annual hosting for your website.  This way you as a business owner can budget exactly $50.00 per month to spend on your website – and I guaruntee it will be the best $50 in marketing dollars you will ever spend!

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